The Regional Innovation Data Lab (RIDL) provides data-services to support the growth of thriving communities. We work with community to put data in the hands of the people. Our solutions are co-designed with community and provide easy to use and affordable solutions for community to drive and monitor change, providing a strong evidence base for policy and financial support from decision makers and funders. 

In general, community organisations haven’t benefited much from the digital revolution. 

Analytical tools and solutions have focused on enterprises and as a result can be prohibitively expensive for the community sector. By thinking about data holistically, RIDL provides baseline data and identifies early indicators of change that can be used in reports and to facilitatestrength-basedconversations with stakeholders. By layering quantitative and qualitative data to formulate concise problem definitions RIDL empowers community organisations to turn facts into insights, actions and outcomes and then monitor whether the outcomes result in lasting positive change.