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Safety and security

Safety and security are at the forefront of what we do at the Relational Insights Data Lab. We also believe that it is important to embrace an important dilemma; what’s the cost of doing nothing versus the risk of running too fast? What’s the impact of not using the best data to understand and address our most complex global challenges? To not see the paradox is to not see reality. (Scott David, University of Washington, Data Collaboration for the Common Good enabling Trust and Innovation through Public-Private Partnerships, World Economic Forum, April 2019).  

RIDL enables trust and innovation through the creation of public-private partnership for the common good. We believe and adhere to the five safes framework (Safe data, Safe people, Safe setting, Safe outputs and Safe project). When working with data, context and purpose are key, RIDL works towards the creation of flourishing communities by making data matter and using data for the common good.