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Selecting data & place-based approach

RIDL aims to grow the place-based community data platform. Supporting place-based approaches and initiatives with access to and analysis of effective data that can highlight both issues and changes over time. Many place-based initiatives do not have access to effective data labs or even data sources, and where they do, often the analysis and interpretation of this data is lacking. Access to a data-lab, development of data-literacy, access to quality data interpretation and visualisation is critical for this area to grow over the coming years. We are committed to supporting communities in data governance and provides direction and support to communities in the ethical collection, access, sharing and use of data. 

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Our approach is to ensure that communities are supported to collect, access and interpret evidence required to build strong and cohesive communities in an environment which is complex, has multiple stakeholders, is responsive to community challenges, includes a wide range of initiatives and is long term.